Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The stone statue

And finally came the next morning. Again, what a deep and reviving sleep I've just had. These lands! These people! This air! The magic that came through the voice of yesterday's girl was still in the air. But now was time to move on! The sun was already high in the sky. The whole forest was already awake just waiting my wake up to guide me to my next meeting. To my next surprise. Yes, this morning I woke up with this feeling. It is like the forest is guiding me somewhere. It is like it has a secret or something like it that it wants to share with me. That reminds me of the songs of the green fairy. Her pleasure and joy was in sharing. And it seems that the whole nature here behaves the same way. I don't know from where this feeling is coming but it is strong and real. The forest wants to share something with me. I can hear it in the winds. I can see it in the river. It is such a nice feeling to simply know something without knowing how I learned it. It is like learning through feeling and not from reason. And then I started walking again. It was cold. There was still a bit of snow falling from the sky. And the forest was still beautiful. And then I moved! And then I walked! Hours passed. Many hours passed. I was getting hungry. And when I was looking for fruits to eat I heard a scream. A really loud and painful scream. Someone was suffering. Suffering a lot. I could feel it. It was not just in the sound. I could really feel the pain and the suffering that was coming from that person. Then I run in its direction, and for my surprise I found a very big and imposing stone statue without one arm.
When I came close I started to feel its pain even stronger. It was not just a physical pain, it was deep down in the soul. It was a very static but strong sorrow energy. It was really powerful, like from the other beings. But this time it was an energy, a smell, of a totally different quality. It was really hard to keep standing. I was about to faint from the pain. It was when I realized that actually the statue was alive, and it was trying to talk to me although it could barely move its mouth. Then the statue said to me:
-Come closer my friend. I don't want to cause any harm to you. And even if I wanted, as you can see, I can barely move myself.
-But I feel so much pain...
-I am sorry for that little creature. I would like to keep this suffering just for myself and not bother other people with it, but it is too strong, even stronger than me, and I can't avoid it.
-Is it because you've lost one arm?
-I wish it was that, little boy! But my real suffering is because I am a statue, such a big statue and made of such a resistant material that I can barely move. Can you imagine living in a land of beauty and magic like this without being able to move with the wind, to swim in the rivers and to fly with the faeries? That is my suffering, little boy. To see all beings from these lands dancing and flying, and moving and changing, and not be able to be like them.
In this moment I realize that he was about to cry because of his sorrows, but even that he couldn't. His eyes were too heavy and strong to allow tears to flow through it. Then I said:
-But I don't understand. Who did this to you? Why are you a statue?
-Who did this to me? That's the worst part of the story, my little friend. I did this to myself. I built myself as a statue.
-But why did you do that?
-Why? Because once times were different around here. I was different. I was really a strong person, little boy. I had loads of power. I was so big. Much stronger than any of the other beings who lived around here. And because of that I could easily dominate and rule them. I was a king, and they were nothing but my servants.
-But how you became a statue?
-Oh yes! I forgot that part. It happened that time passed, young boy. And as I was becoming stronger, bigger and more powerful, my fear that the situation could once change was becoming so strong that I had to make sure that I would be that powerful forever. Then I got the most resistant material I found in these lands and made me into the most resistant and invincible statue that ever existed.
-And what happened to your kingdom? You don't look like a King now.
-Time passes, my friend. Want it you or not. You can't control people and situations forever. There was a time the climate was changing, and something deep down the little being souls was touched. They realized they also had power. A different kind of power, but still power. And that was the same time I was getting so heavy, so heavy, that my movements started ceasing. Deep down I also felt the change in the air. I felt that something in the earth was moving. But I was so blind because of my fear of loosing my position that what I did was to make me even more resistant. And then I became so heavy, so heavy, that I could not move anymore.
-And what happened with the other beings?
-They were little, they were weak, they were really really light. They could move. Move really fast. And suddenly they realized they could even fly. They could much more than what they tough they could. Much more than what I tough they could. So like this they moved on flying and singing and dancing. And soon, the whole forest, the trees, the river, the air, everything was dancing and flying with them. Apart from me, that got stuck in this indestructible statue form that I wanted to be forever.
-But I still don't understand. You seem to be a totally different person today. I see in your eyes that you want to run and to dance with them. Why don't you just do it?
-I wish it was that easy, young boy. And I am trying to destroy the statue I am. I've already managed to destroy one arm, but the problem is that the statue is too heavy, too strong, so resistant that I don't have enough power to destroy it once and for all. I have to go little by little. And I know one day I will get there. One day I know I will be weak and light and beautiful and free. But I still have a long way, my friend. Still lots of stones from the past to destroy.
-But can't the magic beings help you to do that?
-They are helping dear friend. They are helping. Even after everything I did to them they come here everyday to tell nice stories to cheer me up. But about the stones. They tough me a lot on how to get rid of them. How to leave the past behind and to move on. But unfortunately these people are made of a different energy. They are not made of stones, so they don't have the power to destroy them. This I have to do myself. There is no other way.
-Can I help you?
-I appreciate your good will, my dear friend. But that is not your task. You still have little stones inside of you that you need to get rid of. To help me would postpone your own freedom. Can't you hear that? The winds are calling you to go, to flow with him. About me you don't have to worry. I am also on my way of getting rid of my weight. It will take longer, but one day we shall meet again in a different situation where we both will be able to fly together. Just go, my friend. Follow your way. Find your path. Find your light. I will not cause problems to anyone anymore.
-Thanks dear statue. Thanks for your words. You are a really wise being now. Good luck in your path. And if one day we meet again in a different situation I would be the most happy person in this planet to run and to fly with you. And to be fair I can already feel love and compassion coming from deep down in you.
In that moment the statue also felt that actually there was more than only pain there. There was also love. And in that very moment for the first time in centuries a little tear finally felt from his eyes. And a big relief came with that. Was that a sign that better times were close ahead? Probably. And it was good to realize that even aimlessly I could touch that on him. It is really funny to see how just a few days here in these lands with these people can touch so many things that were hiding in me that I could not see before. It is amazing. I was really thankful and happy to have meet the statue. He did bad things in the past. But he is a good man. He always was. He just needed to have the love that lied inside of him touched. But now it is time for me to go. After all, I don't want to become a statue myself. Then we said good bye to each other, and I follewed the wind again.

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